Athens Exchange Privacy Policy

We believe that your privacy is very important. We collect two types of information from readers of Athens Exchange.

First, we collect personal information through webforms and listserve sign-ups. This information collection requires action on the part of the reader, the reader is notified when it is being collected, and this information will not be used for purposes other than that which the reader agreed to when they submitted their information. It will not be shared, sold, rented, or traded to any third party, made public, or otherwise published.

Second, we collect aggregate traffic information regarding reader habits (what pages are visited most, where our traffic comes from, what browsers are being used, etc.) We share this information with third parties to sell advertising, trade links, or for other promotional purposes. Personal information, such as name or e-mail address, is not collected this way and will not be shared with third parties. Aggregate information submitted through surveys, polls, etc. will be shared for promotional or informational services.

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